Why even have a business card?

Business cards are essential for letting people you meet know how to contact you at your business and to remind them what you do. They’re also a quick, easy, pocket-sized, affordable marketing tool for leaving in plenty of different places to raise awareness of your brand. You never know when you’re going to meet someone that could turn into a lead or refer a new customer to you, so as a savvy businessperson you should always keep a batch of cards in your bag or wallet just in case.

How can you make your business card appealing?

If you’re a serial networker you’ll understand how hard it can be to have people accept and keep your card. At some of the networking groups we go to cards are passed around the group one by one ensuring everyone takes away each others’ cards. At events, sometimes there’s a goody bag option to distribute cards too. But at some networking groups or events, pick-up is entirely optional for your potential customers and clients, so what can you do to ensure the right people pick up your business card?

1. Be different

It might sound obvious but don’t underestimate the power of being different in your design. Think about features that might help you stand out such as metallic finishes, rounded corners, and quirky designs. These are more likely to attract attention and will certainly appeal to the “magpies” in the room who like shiny things, like me! The quality and thickness of the card is important too. After all, you’re giving off the first impression of your business so you’ll want people to think that your card is sturdy, professional and long term just like your offering.

2. Appeal to a sweet tooth

A high proportion of people have a sweet tooth and wouldn’t say know to something to satisfy that. The more appealing the treat the better. Staple your card to a small bag of sweets or attach a small wrapped sweet to your card and who can resist. Try to match the type of sweet to your brand and your target customers too. If you’re an artisan type of brand, consider “homemade” style fudge. If you’re a serious business consider that gummy bears may not give off the right vibe. If you’ve got a strong colour in your branding like yellow for example, is there a sweet to match, like a sherbet lemon perhaps?

3. Attach a freebie to your business card

Depending on your trade you could try different variations of this idea. Gardeners could attach seeds for example, and anyone in the beauty industry could consider sample sachets. I recently picked up a card with a cute fabric brooch on it and can remember the company name without looking. Make people happy and they’ll associate that good feeling with doing business with youMake you business card into something useful

4. Make your business card into something useful

Depending on your trade you could incorporate something useful into the design of your card. QR codes are kind of useful… if you’re into that kind of thing… but what’s much more fun is something like a little ruler down the side, a checklist, a list of useful websites etc. This is something people are more likely to keep, that can easily be incorporated into a flat design and won’t cost any more than a standard business card to print if you’re not quite ready to spend on promotional branded products such as pens just yet.

5. Include a voucher code

If you sell a product or service that can have a discount voucher associated with it then use this on your cards. Create a double-sided business card with the voucher or discount code on one side, and all of your contact details on the other. If the discount is good enough and relevant this will be a good way to increase the number of pick-ups you have. Another twist on this if you’re a retailer, is to create a loyalty card on one side and stamp it half full, so that the customer only needs to visit you a few more times to claim their freebie.

Whatever you decide to do to make your card stand out, remember that it is possible to buy smaller print runs and just experiment with different style cards before committing to a drawer full. You could test which card seems to run out quicker, then you’ll know which is more popular and can save a little on buying a bigger print run next time.

Need help to create a card that will stand out from the crowd? Check out our very affordable business card printing service, that includes free design as part of the price. We can also create bespoke shapes of cards including laser cutting and die cutting by special request.