We’re all about making marketing easier at Intrigue, and one of the ways we do this for our customers is by offering marketing training. We run 1-2-1 sessions and workshops to show our customers how to run their own effective marketing campaigns. Often, this means we work with customers on their own laptops. What we’ve noticed is that slow laptops are a real problem for small business owners; they’re real productivity vampires. In fact, it can take twice as long to complete marketing tasks on a slow running laptop than it would on a new computer. We had a computer issue in the office just this week, which wiped out 45 minutes of our day.

Don’t spend out on a technician until you’re really certain you need one – watch your business expenses

Whenever I notice a client’s laptop is running slowly, I always recommend my favourite tool, which was recommended to me years ago by a friend working in IT. Don’t hire an IT professional just yet if your laptop is ailing. Although working with a technician can be great, they’re an additional cost to your business that may not be necessary as you could solve your problems with this recommended free tool, C Cleaner by Piriform. (I recommend this for Windows PCs, but am yet to test it on Apple)

This free tool will help you make sure your laptop has a good chance of fixing itself

The tool can be downloaded from the Piriform website and installed onto your laptop. It’s very easy to install and only takes a few minutes, you’ll be guided through the setup wizard. I like to keep the icon on my desktop, to remind me to use the cleaning tool at least once a week. Because I work with a lot of photos and graphics, which are by nature large sized files, if I don’t clean up my cache, browser history and temporary files I really notice a go-slow on my laptop.

See from the image that there are different tools; the cleaner is the one I use regularly, the other tools are quite extreme measures and should be used with caution to ensure you’re not wiping any vital files from your laptop. I’d recommend not using these unless you are certain you’ll not do any damage.

c cleaner screen shot

Within the cleaner is an applications tab, that will let you clear your browser history. Notice I’ve unchecked the “Saved passwords” option, just in case there’s a website I use where I’ve forgotten to make a note of the password because it logs me in automatically. Before you run the cleaner you can use the “Analyze” tool to see how much space you could free up before you commit to “Run Cleaner”. The first time you run the tool may take about 20 minutes if it has a lot of work to do. After that, regular cleans take less than 5 minutes.

tool to fix slow computer

The second image shows that with just a quick check I can free up nearly half a gigabyte of space on my computer’s memory. This is a fair bit, as the average laptop has about four gigabytes of space in its memory. Especially as I ran the cleaner a few days ago.

N.B – using the cleaner will not touch any of your photos or files saved in any document folders, they’re safe!

I hope that this tool is useful for you, and that you notice a difference. Some other top tips I have for saving space on your laptop to make it run quicker are:

  • Use a cloud storage provider like Dropbox (Free!) to store your photos somewhere other than on your PC. This also keeps them safe if anything happens to your PC
  • If cloud storage isn’t for you, buy a USB memory stick and transfer any old photos there
  • Don’t save things on your “Desktop” always save them in your C or D drive. You can add a shortcut to them onto your desktop then instead.
  • Don’t have a gazillion tabs or documents open at once. I am very guilty of this when I’m multi-tasking!
  • Shut down your computer properly at the end of each day when you’ve finished using it, rather than putting it into standby or hibernation mode. Allowing it to shut down and restart gives it breathing space, clears a little memory usage and gives it a chance to run essential updates regularly.

Do you have any top tips for good laptop hygiene, or have you recently thrown one out of the window?? Did you find this article helpful? Let me know in the comments!